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Chimney and Sky


The exterior of your home gives a first impression. We understand the importance of this. Let's work together to make sure the exterior appearance of your property is something you are proud of.

Connell’s Restoration and Remodeling has 20 years of remodeling experience and is professionally licensed and insured in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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Siding & Roofing

At Connell’s, we provide many services for our clients including residential roof repair and replacement. When your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, it is not always obvious. Some signs that may indicate trouble include worn or missing shingles, the age of your roof and if your roof is leaking. If your roof is not healthy, it is likely not protecting your home from the weather outside.

Whether you need roof repair or a complete replacement, you can rely on us. We offer:

  • Roof repair

  • Roof replacement

  • Many siding solutions (new construction, remodeling, damage repair)

Living Room

Window Replacements & Remodeling

Our window professionals will educate you on the options that best fit your home, all while considering style, budget and quality. We also take in to consideration the type of siding and interior trim, as these will come in to play when replacing your windows.

We offer full replacement windows, sash replacements, and a few options in between. Windows are available in many different materials, wood being the best insulator and highest quality. Vinyl and composite materials are also very popular option.

Our professionals help you determine the best windows for your home.

Corner of a Roof Gutter


With your home being one of your largest investments, it is important to protect it from water damage with the correct gutter system.

With over 20 years experience installing gutter systems, we have seen the issues gutters can cause if not installed properly. We take the time to evaluate the proper slope and draining necessary for your home; working with you to prevent and overcome the problems of erosion, wet basements and correct drainage of your yard.

Each home is looked at individually to determine the correct lay out of the gutter system with the minimum amount of downspouts; taking into consideration your landscape. Additionally, our down spouts are hinged to allow for easy yard maintenance.

Our wide variety of colors and the professional installation of the EDCO Rainware Gutter System will add value and great curb appeal to your home.

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Door Remodeling

Creating a welcoming entrance is the first impression of your home! Style, color and design is our forte to help you design curb appeal and functionality.

We will help determine what the best option is for your home; Pre-hung or Slab Doors. Options to consider range from Wood, Steal and Fiberglass.

Wood doors are a beautiful option for entryways that are a bit sheltered from the elements.

Fiberglass doors are very versatile and a great option for high-traffic entrances, as they are durable and weather resistant.

Steel doors offer durability, low-maintenance and are weather resistant.

Looking for something else?

As a full-service contractor, we pride ourselves on the variety of work we provide and we are always up for the challenge of something new. Looking for something specific we haven't mentioned here? Please be in touch. We'd love to hear your needs and figure out if we'd be able to help.


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