As the chill of winter sets in, the warm sunny days of summer seem like a distant memory.

Winterizing encompasses many tasks that are simply geared toward preparing your property for our harsh MN winters. Proper preparation not only keeps the cold out, it also protects your home from possible harm due to harsh temperatures, along with freezing rain, snow, and sleet.

Regular maintenance is a great way to safeguard your home from unexpected problems. Before the temperature drops too low, having a professional examine your HVAC system will help keep your furnace running efficiently throughout the winter.

It is also important to have a professional inspect other things in your home you may not have used during the warmer months, such as your chimney and fireplace, hidden issues may cause problems down the road.

Winterizing provides protection for your home and property, preventing costly repairs and high energy bills. Here is an example of the winterizing tasks Connell’s can help with:

  • Pressure test the system and report and leaks or breaks in the lines and recommend repairs
  • Shut down your sprinkler system

We can help with vacant properties too:

  • Blow out the water lines,
  • Remove water meter, cap main water line
  • Fill with antifreeze, wrap toilets, place winterization stickers
  • Coordinate city shut off at the curb
  • Let us know what your next project is and how we can help: 612.314.9015