Spring Cleaning – Outdoors!

When we talk about Spring Cleaning, most of us think about the inside of our homes. Today we are going to talk about the Spring Cleaning that may need to be done outside on your own property as well as any rental properties.

Winter weather here in the Twin Cities, can cause some damage. Likely your To Do list this Spring will include some maintenance items right alongside some cleaning tasks. Whether you attack your Spring Cleaning from the “inside out” or from “outside in” really doesn’t matter, much of it will actually depend on our unpredictable weather. While it’s looking like spring is here to stay, you just never know in MN!

Here are some tips for what should be on your outdoor Spring Cleaning list:

  • Clean Your Gutters. Check out details on how to clean your gutters from one of our blog articles. If you did not clean your gutters last Fall, put this task at the top you’re your list. If you did clean your gutters thoroughly last Fall, it is still a good idea to check them this Spring to make sure they remain unclogged and in good working order.
  • Power Wash Siding. It’s amazing what a difference clean siding can make to the curb appeal for your property. Start from the top and work your way down. If the job seems overwhelming or you have several properties to clean, give Connell’s a call. It is just one of the many home maintenance services we offer.
  • Inspect Sprinklers and Spigots. Turn on the sprinkler system and check for damage that could have occurred during the winter months. Inspect each of the sprinkler heads to ensure they were not damaged by winter’s snow and ice.
  • Window and Screen Cleaning. At the first sign of warmer weather we all open our windows and breathe in the fresh air! If you stored your screens for the winter – they are likely already clean and ready to be re-installed. If you left screens on over the winter, give them a good cleaning and check for any damage. Our crew can usually rescreen windows onsite if you have several that need to be repaired.
  • Deck Maintenance – most decks require a regular cycle of maintenance or they will discolor, dry out and the surface will become rough and prone to splinter. Before moving any furniture out of winter storage back onto the deck, do a careful inspection:
    • In general, make sure the deck feels safe and secure. Check all of the railings. Fix any cracked railings, splintered planks or loose nails
    • Pressure wash clean the entire deck surface
    • If needed, Re-stain and re-seal or repaint
  • Fence repair – walk your fence line and check for any repairs that may be required. If needed, Re-stain and re-seal or repaint

If you need help with property maintenance or remodeling please call us at: 612.314.9015.

Happy Outdoor Spring Cleaning!